Storm Claim Process


After a storm rolls through your neighborhood, companies will be banging on your door asking to jump on your roof and give you an estimate of your damage. You need someone you trust that has done this before to guide you through the process every step of the way.


The Storm Claim Process

 If you suspect you have hail or wind damage, contact us right away and one of our field staffers will come out and complete a free inspection of your property.


1. We start at the ground and move to your roof because damage to your roof is not as evident as damage to your siding, windows, or deck. At 1st Team Exteriors, you can trust us do what is right. We do not tell you something just to get a job. If the damage to your roof is significant enough to file a claim, we work with you before the insurance adjuster arrives to prepare a damage report that consists of drawings and measurements of your home’s exterior.


2. At the time of the adjuster’s inspection, we meet them at your home and walk them through all the damage we found and show them the damage report to ensure everything gets covered correctly by your insurance provider!


Doing it Right the First Time

After a large storm, insurance adjusters are busy. We want to make sure they collect all of the damage the first time to prevent having to bring out another adjuster to validate the damaged missed during their inspection. Four eyes are better than two. If we work together to get it right the first time, we can get your home and life back to normal sooner.


Insurance paperwork and - the check

Your insurance paperwork can be confusing. We meet with you at your convenience and at no charge to help you understand what it all means. At 1st Team Exteriors, we believe in proactively educating you about how the process works. We want you to feel comfortable and informed every step of the way.

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