North St. Paul Snow and Ice Dam Removal


Ice dams form when snow pack builds up on a section of your roof that has a warm air pocket caused by under-insulation. The snow melts and refreezes which can lead to water leakage in your attic and shingle damage if the ice gets under the shingles.


For ice dam and ice build-up on your roof in North St. Paul, contact 1st Team Exteriors to remove the ice dams professionally and without extra damage. We use a steam method to remove the ice dams where other services use a hammer, chisel, or high pressure water gun that can cause additional damage to your roof. Contact us today to schedule an ice dam removal appointment as soon as possible.


You can prevent ice dams on your roof by removing snow build-up regularly and checking that your attic has the right amount of insulation. Please call 1st Team Exteriors about ice dam removal and prevention in North St. Paul.




Ice dam removal