Ice Dam Removal Testimonial

To the staff at 1st Team Exteriors,

Thank you so much for the excellent job you did removing the ice dams on my home. I was shocked to see how extensive they were. I am sure that if they had been left there for the winter I would have had major roof damage.

I also have to comment on your work ethic. Once you arrived you just kept working until the job was done. My neighbor called you over to do their roof and you and your crew just kept working until that job was done as well. I don’t think I saw you take a break. The neighbor and I both agree that it was nice to have person be so diligent. The clean-up you did after was wonderful also.

I look forward to having your company come back in the spring to install more vents and replace the soffit. I am confident that should solve the problem after hearing you explain why ice dams happen in the first place.


Fridley, MN