Siding and Roof Repair Testimonial

In May of 2008 we were entertaining company on Memorial weekend when the “Hugo Tornado” hit about 5:00 PM. We were spared from the path of the tornado, but not the hail storm that followed shortly behind. The hail pelted our house for several minutes. Our house, built in 2001, had severe damage to the siding and roof, along with car damage and a totaled camper. 

We met Dewey Berglung through youth hockey and knew he was in the roof and siding business and also did storm repair. Within a couple days Dewey had assessed the damage to our house. Dewey also accompanied the insurance assessor to ensure all the damage was claimed.

Dewey worked with the insurance company to return the exterior of our house to like new condition and our out of pocket expenditures were no more than the insurance deductible.

We heard a lot of stories from our neighbors who did not have such luck. We appreciate all the help and expertise Dewey brought to the job.

Matt & Deb
White Bear Lake, MN
(formerly Hugo, MN)