Hail Damage Repair Testimonial

Dewey Berglund handled the re-roofing of my house following hail damage in the summer of 2008. He helped me to understand how to go through the necessary steps to complete the insurance claim. He also explained the damages and the cost of replacing them. We then sat down to select the shingles and gutters. As we looked at a variety of materials I could see that Dewey was very knowledgeable about all of the necessary materials. He helped me to select the shingles and gutters that I wanted. When the insurance adjuster came out to examine the roof, Dewey met him at my house making sure that he examined the same areas of damage that he had previously found. When it was time to roof the house, Dewey’s crew completed the job in one day. The workers were quick, quiet and respectful. All waste was removed and I never found so much as a nail in my yard afterward. I was very happy with the quality of the work done. When the job was done, Dewey continued to assist me in the process of obtaining the final payment from the insurance company. I would highly recommend 1st Team Exteriors. Dewey and his crew did an excellent job in their work as well as helping with the insurance process. After referring Dewey to a friend for a much more complex job, my friend also experienced the same satisfaction with the work done. You can’t go wrong!

Eagan, MN