Hail Damage Repair Testimonial

To whom it may concern,

We met Dewey in the first week of May 2008 while visiting with a common neighbor in Maplewood. Several storms including some with large hail hit our area of the Twin Cities between August of 2007 and spring of 2008. 

Dewey asked if we had our roof checked for potential hail damage without any pressure applied. He suggested that if we were interested in having an assessment to give him a call. Dewey had a very cordial, down to earth manner and did not have “the ladder in one hand, brochures in the other” approach that 3 or 4 other contractors had that stormed our door that spring.

After an initial thorough inspection, Dewey said he believed there was sufficient damage to our roof that our insurance company may well pay for some portion of the costs to replace our roof. There was no pressure to get back to him by a date certain nor were we made to feel uncomfortable in the least.

While I made the initial contacts with our insurance company, once an adjuster was identified, Dewey handled all arrangements with the adjuster and the company as necessary to schedule a meeting at our home on a fate and at a time convenient for the adjuster, Jayne and I.

Dewey provided us with a very detailed guide to the insurance claim process and explained in detail things we did not understand. Once the insurance company confirmed they would cover many of the costs associated with replacing our rood, Dewey spent a great deal of time with us discussing roof type, color matching, other material selection, agreements necessary, material delivery and coordination of convenient times/dates for the work to be done, completion and clean up.

Our roof was replaced in June 2008. Dewey adjusted both his schedule and his crew’s schedule to enable completion of the project and clean up in a very short turn time to fulfill our request to have a seamless completion prior to a high school graduation party at our home on 13 June of 2008.

Dewey provided a detailed explanation of insurance terms such a replacement cost value, actual cash value and net claim amount. As we worked through the numbers, he was also able to give us an upgrade to a 30 year shingle at no addition cost to us.

Dewey Berglund made our roof replacement adventure a pain-free journey from his initial contact with our insurance company adjuster to negotiation of a fair claim settlement to completion of new roof. Throughout this time, he was in almost daily contact with us to answer any questions we had, coordinate schedule for work performance and to just make sure we were comfortable with the process.

On the day our roof was replaces, Dewey stopped by our home several times to check status. He was our guardian overseer including supervision of clean up. He somehow found the extra time to dedicate to us while also coordinating many claims in Hugo, Minnesota where a tornado had just recently badly damaged several homes.

The job was completed on time as promised by a professional crew led by Dewey Berglund. Clean up was extremely thorough. Dewey and his crew handled our job as if we were ‘family.’ The new roof looks great. We are very pleased with the outcome.

Kudos and an A+ to Dewey. We certainly selected the right individual for the job!

We will not hesitate to recommend Dewey Berglund to anyone looking to have any type of roofing or siding work done.


Maplewood, MN